Tech Workers

Therapy that is technology informed

Tech work comes with a lot of stressors. They can be hard for people outside the industry to understand or appreciate. For many people, it seems like tech folks are at the top of the world with their status, career options, high pay, stock, and nice perks. It is hard to see all of the difficulty that comes with it. Tech work is as hard and as it is stressful, often phenomenally so. It comes with a lot of pressure to perform and leads a lot of people to anxiety, depression, and burnout. There are things that can be done to work on this but not everyone understands how hard it can be.

I spent almost 30 years working in technology from dead startups to big corporations like Microsoft and Google. I joined the industry during the Internet boom, starting in 1994, and worked my way up to working in a variety of roles in QA and program management within the information security space. Eventually, I burned out from the stresses of it all. I needed to do something else to fulfill myself and decided to become a therapist after having my own experiences with therapy and how much it changed my own life.

I think that I can help other people in the industry with a perspective informed by my own experiences: driven people who are being beaten on by all of the pressures of the tech industry. I feel that there are opportunities for growth and resilience of which you can take advantage if only given the space and opportunity to grow, maybe even take a pause to rest, and explore your natural abilities and potential. As a former tech worker who spent decades in the trenches, shipping software, I hope to work with you on this.